Who Are We?

New Kingdom Anabaptists

Who are we? We are Anabaptist Christians like the Mennonites & Hutterites, and though not too many people may have heard of them, they have usually heard of the Amish. The Amish have been popularized because of their shunning of modern technology but we are more like the Hutterites & Mennonites when it comes to making use of modern technology.

What might be most noticeable outwardly from Anabaptists are their use of modest dress. They believe in dressing modestly and the women usually will wear a long dress and a head covering. 

A Brief History

We are called Anabaptists not because we are against Baptists or anything like that, but because Anabaptist means ‘rebaptizer’. The Ana is from the Latin language used at the time of the movements beginning meaning the English ‘re’. It was actually an insult towards us to be called a rebaptizer or Anabaptist but it has seemed to have stuck to the movement to distinguish us from other Christian movements and today I proudly call myself an Anabaptist. 

The movement began in the early 1500s in Switzerland, Europe and was in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Churches from the same time period in Europe. These churches were state churches, a part of what they would call Christendom where the State (or Country) would run the Church or sometimes even vice versa, and often the state would appoint the leaders and make the rules concerning the church. These two were really joined together the state and the church, the church being another part of the states government. They would baptize everyone from birth as babies so they were born ‘Christians’ a part of Christendom in these Christian/Church/States. This practice was continued by the Protestant movement which came out of the Roman Catholic Church/States. 

The Anabaptists were different in that they believed we couldn’t be ‘born’ Christians but that being a Christian (or follower of Christ) was a choice to make. Therefore as baptism being our sign of following Jesus, they did not believe that their baptisms as babies really meant anything and they went and were baptized again as a commitment to their true faith as someone who wished to follow Jesus Christ and therefore were called rebaptizers or The Anabaptists.

The Anabaptists were persecuted heavily by the Roman Catholic and Protestant church/states for this belief.

Our Core Beliefs

Being baptized again as true followers of Jesus instead of being baptized as babies may have been what set us a part outwardly when our movement began in the 1500s but what really sets us a part today is what we believe. Like with all Christian denominations some of our beliefs will be the same with others and some will be different. What different Christian groups believe mostly depends on their interpretation of the bible. The following is a list of some of our core beliefs.

  • We believe that everything in the bible Old and New should be interpreted through Jesus and what He said.
  • We believe that everything that Jesus said is the word of God which should be obeyed.
  • We believe God commands us to separate from those who are not following God to avoid falling into our previous sinful ways. So we will not socialized ('fellowship' in Christian terms) with unbelievers but we do evangelize and work in the world.